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Coaching Program

Your business’s success hinges on
your ability to market and sell your services.
Your clients’ successes are
the results of your persuasiveness.
Your employees’ successes are dependent upon
your leadership.

Your Business Needs YOU to Be Influential



It’s time to grow and scale your business.
Your marketing and sales must
capture the attention of your target market
in an attention-diverting world.

Your competitive advantage is within your message.

Your Message Must Be…

Increase your income by increasing your influence.

What Influence Coaching with Sharí
Can Do For You…

NOTE: Each coaching experience is unique and tailored to you. If you want to talk about what that would look like book a call now.

I continue to work with Sharí because she is so good at keeping my momentum going. Anytime I feel stuck, I either check in with Sharí right away or put it on my to-do list for our next call. Since working with Sharí, she has helped me edit my bestselling book, raise my speaking and coaching rates, craft my speeches and webinars, attain sponsorships, and punch-up copywriting in all aspects of my business. Sharí helps me see the bigger picture and then together we dial in on each element. I am so grateful to have her in my corner.

Cassie Bjork, Owner, Healthy Simple Life & Real Food Vitamins

I hired Sharí to help use improve our sales process, and boy did it work. Thanks to her coaching we have increased our warm leads from events by 10x. We have even struggled to keep up with the leads! (Which, of course, she’s helping us through now.) Sharí helped us step-up our game at conferences. We implemented her coaching for our sponsored booth and our follow-up sales funnels. Plus, she helped me craft my signature speech, which has been a big hit – resulting in me getting asked to speak at more events. Sharí has been our not-so-secret weapon in our marketing and sales successes.

Jeremy Neuharth, Co-founder, Sycorr Banking Technology

Working with Sharí helped me gain clarity in our marketing processes. What I love most is her ability to tailor her advice to your strengths. She made adjustments to my marketing strategy based on what I’m good at and what I enjoy doing. Sharí helped me through many different kinds of projects for our launches. We worked through our website, blog post creation, social media, speeches, event booths, newsletters, funnels, and our sales and landing pages. Thanks to Sharí, we were able to create effective marketing materials right out the gate – getting it right the first time ’round.

Veronica Pike, Owner, American Academy of Nurse Entrepreneurs

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How to Know if
Coaching with Sharí
is Right for You

This coaching will level-up your business, but that doesn’t mean it’s right for everyone.
You will love working with Sharí, if…
  • You have a great product or service that more people should know about

  • You want to enhance and leverage your current marketing

  • You are the rainmaker in your business (either by choice or necessity)

  • You want to be persuasive while remaining aligned with your brand and ethics

  • You’re willing to put in the work

  • You have a product or service for a specific target market

  • You pride yourself on the quality of your work, and want your company’s messaging to match

  • You want someone in your corner to discuss bigger goals and challenges

  • You enjoy nerdy things – or at least don’t mind Sharí’s occasional nerdy references Image result for nerdy smile emoji

If most of these describe you, then schedule your call with Sharí.

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