Avoid These 2 Words if You Want to Be Influential

Become Your Most Influential Self! Don’t miss another update with a persuasive technique you can use today   We all have that one person who can really push our buttons. No matter what they do, they seem to easily (and perhaps purposefully) set you on edge. They always say something passive aggressive that makes your blood boil. They never listen to your ideas because they are always distracted on their phone. They always make the same mistakes and you have to keep cleaning up after them.   You might work with these people or be related to them. They aren’t going anywhere. And that bruise on your forehead from beating it against the wall is really starting to show. What can you do? What would an influential person do? Well, I’ll give you a hint. The answer lies in 2 words I used above in the description. Here it is again: They always say [...]

Why Being Wrong Makes You Right

Become Your Most Influential Self! Don’t miss another update with a persuasive technique you can use today Let’s just agree right away that people don’t like to tell you things… especially if they believe the information is sensitive. If divulging something could be embarrassing or put them at a disadvantage, they are definitely not telling you squat. You see this all the time in business. Want to know what someone’s budget is? Good luck. They don’t want to tell you because they’re hoping that they can get you to bid under-budget and they can save money. Want to know how someone feels about their boss? They’re probably going to play it close to the vest because they don’t know if you’re going to blab it to someone else. Want to learn competitor’s marketing secrets? Yeah, ok. I’m sure they’ll be thrilled to show you how to take their customers away from them. People don’t like [...]

What’s Really Blocking Your Influential Thoughts

All my life, I’ve had this fear in the back of my mind. I’ve struggled with it, made my peace with it, and then looped back to wrestling with it once again. I don’t know if I’m normal or if I’m different. But I’ve always been afraid of people knowing this about me. So, of course, the rational thing to do is to post a blog about it on the internet where it will remain forever. Brilliant! And so, I’m about to reveal a potentially embarrassing fact about myself because I believe that through this you will learn something about yourself and it will help you get over some of your persuasion roadblocks.  […]

Your Influential Secret Weapon for Every Conversation

  It’s ok. I get it. We all want things quicker, faster, better. So, it’s understandable that when I give my keynote speeches on influence that someone in the audience will ask me, “What ONE tip or technique would you share to get someone to do what you want?”   Reading this you may think it sounds silly that someone would think that there is a single magical phrase that will get every human being to do your bidding, but I kid you not I get asked this All. The. Time.   It has because clear that the vast majority of people want to find the easiest route to influence. And I don’t blame them. As human beings we are wired to find shortcuts. That’s how we evolved to create and use tools. Our evolution as a species is thanks in part to this desire. So, I get it.   But allow me to spoil the ending for you right now… [...]

How Entrepreneurs Get Duped with a Single Word: A Language Hack that Can Work For You or Against You

How Entrepreneurs Get Duped with a Single Word: A Language Hack that Can Work For You or Against You Let’s jump right in and talk about some brain science, shall we?   In the book Blink by Malcolm Gladwell, he shares an experiment that was one of the catalysts for my unquenchable interest in the power of language and influence.   Here’s an excerpt from Gladwell’s book: Imagine that I’m a professor, and I’ve asked you to come and see me in my office. You walk down a long corridor, come through the doorway, and sit down at a table. In front of you is a sheet of paper with a list of five-word sets. I want you to make a grammatical four-word sentence as quickly as possible out of each set. It’s called a scrambled-sentence test. Ready? him was worried she always from are Florida oranges temperature ball the throw toss silently shoes give replace old the he observes occasionally people [...]

How I Landed a Client from a Game of Charades – The Power of Presence

How to Land a Client with the Power of Presence I’d like to tell you a little story. It is a tale of a short, curly headed Oklahoma girl and a curious twist of events in the big city that lead to an unexpected way to land a client and a fulfilling business relationship. Once upon a time… It was my first year in LA and I was still trying to build my community of new friends in this big city.   Thankfully, I was able to plug into a great group of people who also loved to go salsa dancing on the weekends. Dancers are always a welcoming group and I’ve always found great friendships from the swing and salsa communities.   So, one of the girls decided to throw a house party. They cleared the furniture in the living room and turned up the speakers. It was a blast. Few things in this life are better than a salsa house party. [...]