How to Create Your Perfect Sales “Script”

Sales scripts don't work because they limit authentic connection between you and your prospect. Emotions play a vital role in the sales process. Knowing how to draw out emotions will land you more sales and you can do it effectively, without feeling slimy, and is natural and conversational.

What Entrepreneurs Can Learn from the CIA

Become Your Most Influential Self! Don’t miss another update with a persuasive technique you can use today     James Bond. Everyone can quote name his signature car, the letter designated to his boss, and how he takes his drink. The world of James Bond is fast, sexy, and alluring. And, it quite possibly couldn’t be further from the truth. Even so, James Bond will always hold a special place in my heart because he was my gateway drug into my fascination with spies. I grew up wanting to be James Bond. Instead of Armani suits, I’d wear Versace dresses. The confidence. The swagger. The sex appeal. Who doesn’t want to be James Bond?! Even though Bond’s campy character bears little reflection to real life, he is the catalyst for the majority of our interest in the spy world. I was just one of those people who took that curiosity a little further than most. In all of my interviews with master influencers – hostage negotiators, con-artists, pick-up artists, trial attorneys, law enforcement interrogators, etc. – I have to confess that my favorite interviews have been with CIA agents and others in the intelligence community (aka spies). […]

Why The Tools That Are Supposed to Make Your Business Easier Are Failing, Draining Your Bank Account, and Making You Feel Bad about Yourself (and how to change all that)

If you have purchased a few or many online tools to help market your business and they AREN'T the reasons why and what has been missing

How Entrepreneurs Get Duped with a Single Word: A Language Hack that Can Work For You or Against You

How Entrepreneurs Get Duped with a Single Word: A Language Hack that Can Work For You or Against You Let’s jump right in and talk about some brain science, shall we?   In the book Blink by Malcolm Gladwell, he shares an experiment that was one of the catalysts for my unquenchable interest in the power of language and influence.   Here’s an excerpt from Gladwell’s book: Imagine that I’m a professor, and I’ve asked you to come and see me in my office. You walk down a long corridor, come through the doorway, and sit down at a table. In front of you is a sheet of paper with a list of five-word sets. I want you to make a grammatical four-word sentence as quickly as possible out of each set. It’s called a scrambled-sentence test. Ready? him was worried she always from are Florida oranges temperature ball the throw toss silently shoes give replace old the he observes occasionally people watches be will sweat lonely they sky the seamless gray is should now withdraw forgetful we us bingo sing play let sunlight makes temperature wrinkle raisins That seemed straightforward, right? Actually it wasn’t. After you finished that test—believe it or not—you would have walked out of my office and back down the hall more slowly than you walked in. With that test, I affected the way you behaved. How? Well, look back at the list. Scattered throughout it are certain words, such as “worried,” “Florida,” “old,” “lonely,” “gray,” “bingo,” [...]

Creating Content: Is this mindset holding you back?

Are you creating content? How often are you writing a blog post? Once a week? Twice a week? Once a month? How about your newsletter? Are you sending something out once a week? Oh, and videos…are you posting a video consistently? Don’t forget guest blog posts… they help your SEO. How often are you getting those out? It’s no wonder that an entrepreneur who is in the business of content creation gets overwhelmed by HOW MUCH content they “have to” produce. You could even throw into that mix podcast, webinars, and speeches as well. … Oh my. But beyond the struggle of just PRODUCING – the legwork or typing, filming, editing, etc. – there is the challenge of figuring out WHAT to create. …or perhaps, to be more specific, what SHOULD you create? Let me ‘splain. […]