The Influential Techniques of Frank Underwood: Persuasive Lessons from House of Cards

Frank Underwood personifies the "dark arts" of influence. Learn his best conversational influence techniques and how you can use them - in a positive and ethical way - to achieve your goals.

7 Big Entrepreneurial Mistakes (and how to snap out of them)

Blogs, podcasts, and speeches are filled with inspirational rags-to-riches and “over night success” entrepreneurial stories that are meant to motivate and inspire. This is not one of those stories. We all can learn from and be motivated by the mistakes people have made on their entrepreneurial journey. The article is meant to demystify the process and help you see that mistakes are normal...and you have to make a few along the way. Here are 7 BIG mistakes that most people make...and how to get back on track.

What Entrepreneurs Can Learn from the CIA

Become Your Most Influential Self! Don’t miss another update with a persuasive technique you can use today     James Bond. Everyone can quote name his signature car, the letter designated to his boss, and how he takes his drink. The world of James Bond is fast, sexy, and alluring. And, it quite possibly couldn’t be further from the truth. Even so, James Bond will always hold a special place in my heart because he was my gateway drug into my fascination with spies. I grew up wanting to be James Bond. Instead of Armani suits, I’d wear Versace dresses. The confidence. The swagger. The sex appeal. Who doesn’t want to be James Bond?! Even though Bond’s campy character bears little reflection to real life, he is the catalyst for the majority of our interest in the spy world. I was just one of those people who took that curiosity a little further than most. In all of my interviews with master influencers – hostage negotiators, con-artists, pick-up artists, trial attorneys, law enforcement interrogators, etc. – I have to confess that my favorite interviews have been with CIA agents and others in the intelligence community (aka spies). […]

7 Questions Influential People Always Ask Themselves

Want to know what goes on the mind of a highly influential person? Curious about what prompts their persuasiveness? Here is a comprehensive list of the questions that regularly float through influential minds. These are the touchstones influential people use to find their persuasive hooks and hot-buttons.

How to Be Influential: A Discussion

I’m so happy to share this interview I did with Dr. Isaac Jones from Superhuman Entrepreneur on how to be influential. We talk about EVERYTHING – body language, observational skills, elicitation, influential techniques, and so much more! You can check out the interview on his page with the show notes and other download options, or listen in here: […]

Networking at Events Like James Bond: Look, Listen, Leverage

In the overpopulated digital space, conferences are proving to be the place for real and lasting business connections. We are wired to be a part of a tribe. Facebook and social media are movie screen substitutes for connections, but nothing can replace looking someone in the eye, shaking their hand, and breathing the same air. And since we spend the majority of our time commanding screens, the skill of commanding a room is slowly slipping away. Since we spend so much time commanding screens, the skill of commanding a room is slipping away. Which means, the value of people who can successfully network has increased exponentially. […]

How to Deal with Squirrels at a Networking Event

I had a very “LA moment” the other day – even though I’m sure a similar scene plays out around the world.  I was at a conference for entrepreneurs. A wide variety of companies were represented – chiropractic practices, beauty companies, life coaches, and so on.  The first presentation was a panel of marketing and public relations experts, representing different companies. During the Q&A I lobbed a very professional but hard-hitting question to the PR firms about their business models.  One of the panelists, an owner of a PR firm, must have been intrigued by me – either for networking purposes or she saw a potential client in me – because when there was a break in the schedule, she made a beeline over to me with her card in hand. Now, I couldn’t tell you what she had in mind or why she wanted to talk to me…and here’s why. As she was making her way across the room to speak with me, I was in mid-conversation with an owner of a speakers bureau. (Speakers bureaus are like hollywood talent agents, but for professional speakers.)  Here’s how it went down. […]

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