by Intel Free Press

by Intel Free Press

There are many emoji haters out there. To be honest, I don’t understand why. I love emojis! I wish there were more emoji options. Say, let’s get rid of the smiling poo and add more facial expressions. … Oh, who am I kidding, keep the smiling poo.

People who don’t like – or look down upon – emojis are missing a critical communication perspective. 

Emojis were created because you asked for them!

Okay, maybe not you personally. I don’t know if you sacrificed a goat asking the emoji gods for pictures, but here is what happened…

Texting became a part of our culture. We were limited to 140 characters. We shortened our words and flipped the bird to grammar.

And in our texting frenzy, people got upset. Why? Because sarcasm, tone, and subtlety don’t translate easily in 140 character. And so, to make sure that our points were interpreted correctly, we added body language to our texts!

: ) 

: P

; )

: ( 


Remember those? We did that. We created emojis before they existed. As a culture, we unanimously said, “in order for my emotion to be properly expressed in the limited space I’m given, instead of telling you, I’m going to show you. ” Brilliant!

It proves how important body language plays in our overall communication.