Getting Answers Without Questions Cover 3D

“The quality of the answer is based on the quality of the question.”


Sometimes the most important and useful information cannot be obtained with direct questions, not matter how well-stated they are.

People are not good at identifying nor disclosing what really motivates them to action. As a person of influence, you need to be able to draw out the clues that will help you develop your roadmap on how to persuade each individual.

Asking direct questions can make someone else create barriers, filter responses, and feel defensive.

Have you ever tried asking a competitor for inside information about their business? Have you ever tried to get a straight answer from an employee about what went wrong with a project? Or, have you been dumbfounded after your boss said what they appreciate out of their employees, but then they demonstrate appreciation for something completely contradictory?

We are complex creatures. Our actions are fueled by a mixture of motivations, emotions, cultural norms, and histories. An influencer’s job is to dig through the layers and detect the most important information.

Getting Answers without Questions ebook is your technique-filled tutorial on how to learn what you want and need to know. Learn how spies, interrogators, and undercover agents get critical information AND how you can use the same techniques in your business!