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Covert Missions Book Cover


Want to practice effective influential techniques in the real world

A Year of Covert Missions e-book gives you one communication covert mission for every week of the year.

Climb the influential stages with each mission. You can start easy with “The Sleuth” missions, test your prowess with “The Agent” missions, or really push your creative cunning with “The Mastermind” missions.

This book has exercises and experiments for people of all influential levels!



The crux of influential communications is knowing which buttons to push. To do that, you must be skilled at discovering the influential profile of the people around you. Go deeper in your ability to profile the people in your life. The Covert Profiler Handbook is your field guide for identifying the 7 different levels of influential profiling. Enjoy this e-book and learn how to decode the hidden dynamics in every conversation. Discovering someone’s influential triggers is so much easier and faster with this personal handbook. 


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