The Hidden Conversation Cover

There is so much more to every conversation than what is being said. The reason why sales aren’t made, negotiations fail, meetings are pointless, and relationships suffer is because people fail to see and react to the hidden levels behind every conversation.
This eye-opening e-book will pull back the curtain and reveal what so many others miss. You will no longer be dumbfounded by the actions of others. Instead, you will have a deeper understanding of the people around you and build deeper connections.
The Hidden Conversation ebook will help you …
  • Motivate a wide variety of people by discovering their unique motivation triggers
  • Identify someone’s personality type very quickly
  • Lead people to action with known persuasive phrases
  • Decode the signals that are not being said
  • Develop morale and strong relationships with 3 conversation customizations

You will be astounded at the hidden levels behind what is being said. Words are just the surface. Learn to dig deep and uncover what is really happening when you speak with others. These hidden factors help you see so many more windows of opportunity. You will be able to take advantage of what everyone else is completely oblivious to.