Sharí Alexander's Mindreader Blueprint


The Mindreader Blueprint

The 6-Step Process to finding your influential message. Use this workbook when you need to prepare your pitch, write compelling copy, or craft your next marketing campaign! 

In This Free 12 Page Blueprint, I’ll Show You…


  • My exact 6-Step Process for knowing exactly how to guide someone to an easy “Yes.” With this process, all of the typical sales and performance anxiety disappears because you know how to follow the process.
  • Step 2 helps you connect with your prospect in such a way that they think to themselves, “Wow, this person really gets me!”
  • Using The Mindreader Blueprint can even be used for writing new (or improving old) sales copy, creating email funnels with ease, crafting a speech, and – of course – winning sales conversations
  • This straightforward system shines a light on all the influential angles you have been missing, so that you can sell the way your prospect wants to be sold! 

Bringing the “Dark Arts” of Influence into the Light
Teaching entrepreneurs, sales, and leadership professionals conversational influence by sharing persuasive secrets from CIA agents, con-artists, hostage negotiators, trial attorneys, corporate spies, and even pick up artists.