Sharí’s keynotes are the perfect blend of entertaining stories and actionable content. After interviewing CIA agents, con-artists, hostage negotiators, and other masters of influence, Sharí has plenty of action-packed and intriguing tales of the true potential of influential conversation. From each story, your audience will learn an influential technique that they can use right away during your event!

With Sharí’s keynote speeches, your audience will have a better understanding of their own personal communication strengths and weakness,  keen persuasive insight about the people they work with, and a specific process they can follow to increase their own personal influence in any situation.

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These half-day and full-day workshops are a great way to build specific strategies for your needs. Sharí’s workshops include modules that cover the 3 main areas of influential communication: Observe, Connect, Influence. Audience members will read people accurately and quickly (observe), know how to build meaningful connections (connect), and have specific phrases that they can use to guide people to their desired results (influence).

Workshops are highly interactive. Sharí loves Q&A and will provide spot coaching throughout the presentation. With the activities built into this program, your audience will have their own personal strategy for being more influential when it counts.

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Sharí Alexander Influence Speaker

Sharí’s Influence Retreats are a complete personal and professional development experience. This is an excellent opportunity to dive deep into the specific challenges your group has had with influential conversations. We assess where the roadblocks have been and why they have existed. This leads to personal a-ha moments around beliefs, perspective, and mindset. Your audience will learn to practice an influential mindset, which consists of curiosity, flexibility, specificity, and strategy.

Sharí builds upon these mindset realizations and gives your audience step-by-step processes to approach critical conversations. The beauty of this program is that these influential principles apply to your sales efforts, leadership, negotiations, and marketing. If you are in the business of communicating value, influential psychology is always needed.

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Sharí Alexander - Influence Speaker

grey-quotation-marks-mdSharí presents the nebulous concept of influence with such clarity that everyone walks away with specific steps on how to level-up their own persuasive skills…and feel inspired to do so! Everyone can learn something from her programs.”

–  Mary Rogers
Director of Sales
Cox Media Group

Sharí is clearly an expert on influence and communication skills. She quickly engaged the audience and lead an interactive and informative session.”

Rachel Karu
Association of Training and Development

“Sharí provided some great information that I can use immediately. She kept my attention and made me laugh several times!””

Carl Foster

Our group learned exactly how to communicate with a goal. Sharí’s practical tools for becoming a powerful influencer apply both professionally and personally.”

Tera Haramoto
LA County Women’s Conference

Why Influence is Important to Your Audience

Personal success is directly correlated with the ability to lead, clearly communicate, and compel action. We are faced with influential opportunities every day – surpassing a sales quota, client relations, managing a team, inspiring action for a company vision, and improving team collaboration. Every day we need to influence someone. And yet, most people focus on the technical aspects of their job.

Big changes happen when someone has the ability to inspire and motivate.
This is influence.

Your audience will love Sharí’s programs because, not only does she teach spy-like skills that make everyone feel like they could be James Bond, they will see professional and personal results instantly. Sharí gets messages all the time from audience members about how one technique helped them with a difficult co-worker, landed them their biggest sales, helped them get a promotion, and even helped them with their spouse. Influence is all-encompassing.

Your audience will see conversations in a new way! Sharí’s programs blend principles of body language, psychology, strategy, enhanced listening skills, and persuasive phrases that work.

Sharí will help your audience feel more confident, have more control and power in stressful situations, and be more charismatic.

These influential programs cause a ripple effect. You’re not only helping your attendees, you’re also helping every person that the audience members will influence.
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