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The higher you climb in your career,
the more important communication becomes.

Your Team Needs YOU to Be Influential


As a leader, you are focused on your career growth,
…while facilitating your team members’ successes
…while also meeting your company’s goals.

A leader cannot ignore the importance of communication.

Influence is important with these key groups

Increase your income by increasing your influence.

What Influence Coaching with Sharí
Can Do For You…

NOTE: Each coaching experience is unique and tailored to you. If you want to talk about what that would look like book a call now.

“I was struggling and knew I could do better – specifically with my persuasiveness for presentations. Sharí understood my challenges and gave me a clear, specific steps. Since my time with Sharí, I have been promoted. I continue to use her advice to this day. I’d recommend Sharí to executives, entrepreneurs, managers, and sales associates of all sorts. Her coaching is powerful, direct, and tailored to your strengths and personality. Hands down, she’s a great coach!”

Jim Nation, Accounts Manager, Verizon

“I hired Sharí after seeing her speak at a leadership conference. Sharí showed me different techniques and ways to approach my team and my clients. Sharí seriously helped me level-up my mental game, as well. I deeply appreciate Sharí’s compassionate and understanding coaching style that pairs well with her straight-forward, actionable advice. I loved having Sharí in my corner to talk through specific tactics and bigger challenges.”

Cynthia Torres, Insurance Broker and Risk Manager, UPS Capitol

“Sharí helped me strategize ways to improve my personal brand within AIG. I was looking to climb the ladder, and I needed to be “seen” by my bosses to achieve my goals. We worked through the minutia of specific projects as well as my longterm career goals. Thanks to her coaching, I earned additional leadership roles for company initiatives that excite me. Since working with Sharí, my confidence skyrocketed, even in the most stressful meetings. Sharí is a find!”

Pricilla Pazmino, Western Zone Multinational Property Leader, AIG

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How to Know if
Coaching with Sharí
is Right for You

This coaching will level-up your career, but that doesn’t mean it’s right for everyone.

You will love working with Sharí, if…

  • You don’t want to stay stagnant in your career, nor your professional development

  • You’re willing to put in the work

  • You pride yourself on the quality of your work

  • You want someone in your corner to discuss bigger goals and challenges

  • You care about your team and want to see them grow

  • You like achieving lofty goals

  • You appreciate efficiency

  • You want to build your “personal brand” – meaning, the right people know who you are

  • You enjoy nerdy things – or at least don’t mind Sharí’s occasional nerdy references Image result for nerdy smile emoji

If most of these describe you, then schedule your call with Sharí.

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