by Felicia Åkerman

by Felicia Åkerman

It seems as though everyone has their own texting pet peeves. The other night, I was talking to a woman who despises getting a reply text that just says, “k.” Some of my friends hate texting entirely. They would prefer a phone call – you know, like the olden days. Other friends complain about people who still text using shorthand like “u” instead of “you.” 

Confession: I am guilty of all of the above offenses. 

I find texting preferences to be quite fascinating. It’s another very clear example of how we all have our own communication “rules” we expect others to follow, even though a communication manual has never been handed out. 


Everyone has their own unique set of communication rules that is based on their background, culture, upbringing, and experiences. Sure, there is likely to be some overlap in the Ven diagram of preferences, but influential magic comes from discovering someone’s unique (and often unstated) rules for rapport and persuasion.

That’s what makes it so much fun! Keeps you on your toes.